How does my band participate in the Awards?
See the Nomination page for the 4 ways to participate in the Awards.

Does my band have to live in Orange County to be nominated?
Yes, if you are a solo artist you must currently live in Orange County. If you are a band, the majority of your members must currently live in Orange County. For example, if you are a 4 piec band, 3 of you members must live in OC.

Do I need to send in a CD to be considered for nomination in any of these categories?
No, see the Nomination page.

For the Best Live Band category you do submit your / your group’s information and direct us to a weblink where we can listen to your music.


What is the Awards Academy?
The OC Music Awards Academy is made up of music journalists, radio personalities, promoters, booking agents, venue owners, and fellow industry professionals involved in the local music scene. The Academy nominates artists in the Academy-Nominated categories of the Awards.

Academy Members – click here to see full list

How do Academy members select the nominated artists?
The Academy nominates artists that they feel are the best, based on their personal knowledge of the local music scene and industry.
The Academy does not receive or accept submitted music and does not vote based on submitted music. This would limit the potential nominees to only those who submit music. With a broad group of individuals making up the Academy, the nominations are a true reflection of the entire OC music scene.


How are the Showcase performers selected?

Once your submission is received your music is listened to and you will be contact to participate in the Best Live Band Showcase. Artists are booked for showcases solely on their skill level.

What is the submission deadline for the Showcase Series?

The 2015 Showcase Series submission will open March 30th 2015 and remain open through June 1, 2015

How are the finalists / nominees judged in the Showcase Series?

A panel of judges attends all Showcases and scores each performer on this set of criteria:

  • Musicianship (how well can they play & play together)
  • Originality
  • Song Composition (how good are the songs)
  • Stage Presence
  • Crowd Participation
  • Overall Performance

Each criteria point is scored 1 through 10. The final score is the total of all individual criteria scores. Bands compete throughout the Showcase Series and one winner is selected from 20 competing artists.


What is the online voting deadline for the People’s Choice Award?
Submissions for People’s Choice will open online March 30, 2015 and remain open through September 25, 2015.


How should I submit my music video?
All submissions must be in the form of a YouTube link. Click here to submit online with a YouTube link to your music video.

Who is recognized for Best Music Video?
The band or artist along with the director and producer of the music video.

What is the deadline for submission for Best Music Video?
Submissions for Best Music Video will open online March 30, 2015 and remain open through August 17, 2015.


What is the age limit?

Majority of band members must be 16 years or younger in the year 2014. Solo artists must be under the age of 16 years or turning 16 in 2014.


When are the nominees announced?
TBD 2015

When will the winners be announced?

TBD 2015


Are tribute bands eligible?
Yes the Academy nominates tribute bands in the “Best Tribute” category.

What year were the OC Music Awards founded?

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